Persistence, perseverance and determination are likely new practices

“Tracey is one of a kind; it will take you about 5 minutes to work that out. Tracey has been a FANTASTIC coach to me over the past several months. Her quirky ways make her fun to be around and easy to open up to.
Tracey’s life experience and depth of training is obvious from the start. She has an incredible ability to decipher and explain communication in a way that makes sense. Her coaching has helped me greatly improve the way I communicate and understand why I communicate the way I do. She has particularly helped me sort out some very complicated family issues in a respectful and honest way. Without her guidance I would never have been able to repair those relationships in the same way.
Tracey is honest, has an extremely high level of integrity, and a real desire to help people sort out their lives. Tracey is a joy to be around, and will help you build a better self, better relationships around you, and ultimately a better quality of life. I am very grateful for Tracey’s coaching and truly believe anyone will benefit from consulting with her.”
Dave (Freight Pilot)

“I guarantee if you speak with Tracey she will uncover real things and help you enormously.
Trust me. She has changed my life in the short time of knowing her. I don’t say that lightly as I am coming out of a marriage of over 30 years.
And I feel good and am also helping my ex get through too. I was a basket case 6 mths ago.
I cannot thank Tracey enough.
When things fall apart they happen for a reason. It could be just the right time to act….”

“Life coaching has provided me with the tools to lead a balanced personal and professional life. It has fostered my positive thinking and overall wellbeing. This has significantly impacted the way in which I approach my roles and responsibility as a primary school educator allowing me to perform at my very best every day.
Thank you, Tracey!”
Team Leader, Primary School Teacher  

“I had life coaching with Tracey on and off for over a couple of years. There were certain personal issues in my life that I was struggling with and Tracey helped me to address the way I thought which in turn gave me awareness and clarity to be able to deal with my situations. Tracey consistently challenged me and I always left our sessions feeling optimistic and enthusiastic with a much clearer perspective on what had been
challenging me!”
Admin/Part Business Owner

  “I was initially sceptic of wellness coaching and how it might help me. My first session with Tracey was in 2011 and her approach to working with me to change my outlook, cement my goals (as well as take risks) has been invaluable over the last few years. Tracey has become a mentor and has provided a clear avenue of support to help me progress my career, reach my fitness goals, be confident in my relationships and myself. The first step is letting someone in and seeking a structured perspective and strategy. I highly recommend Tracey’s knowledge and expertise. Thank you, Tracey.”
“What can I say about Tracey , unique, sharp, abrupt, slightly weird but at the same time truthful, tough love was named in her honour, very very smart, worth every dollar spent, she takes one where they really don’t want to go, those difficult subjects come up and Tracey wont let you slide away from confronting and resolving conflicts and issues that arise , but you will become a better more settled person. Just enjoy the ride. It’s worth it with bells on.”
Scott Williamson

“I have known Tracey for almost 5 years. During that time, I have gone through many challenges in my life and enormous turmoil, growth and maturity. It was not always easy, nor was it always clear. In fact such challenges do not emerge without a massive dose of confusion, uncertainty and stumbling multiple times until one finds their feet again. In those 5 years, Tracey has always been there not only to listen safely and actively, but also to give me an opportunity to be who I am without judgement. She has always tried to give me a space where I could see another alternative to the scenario that might alter how I view it and, in my turn, my reaction to it. Occasionally it was confronting to consider that point of view, but it was always helpful and nurturing and came from a positive place.
I think Tracey is very well equipped to tackle a wide range of issues due to her life experience as a woman, wife, mother, daughter, friend and ultimately a human being who has endeavoured to find their effective place in the world, and is keen to share that with others.
I really respect her wisdom and insight, which have helped navigate my winding path through the tough years I have had.”
Medical Practitioner

“I’ve been seeing Tracey on and off for about 5 years. I’ve always found her coaching to be pragmatic because she provides lots of useful strategies to help put in place what I’ve learned.
She’s always honest, sometimes brutally so, which I find very helpful. She’ll call you on anything she perceives to be a lack of authenticity or integrity on your part, again very helpful!”

“I have been lucky enough to have worked with Tracey over a number of years. During this time she has enabled me to reflect on specific aspects and challenges in my life through gentle questioning, insight and recommendations. I have noticed changes in my mindset, lifestyle habits and attitude in a number of different areas including my health and wellbeing, relationships and personal development. In the time I have been working with Tracey, I have lost 35 kgs and have avoided back surgery through improvements and adjustments to my exercise and lifestyle routine. I am truly grateful for Tracey’s help, support and commitment.”
Director of Music (Education)